Map. History of Afghanistan conflict

23 November 2017
ISIS fighters flock to Afghanistan from Pakistan, alleges Afghan defense minister
The Minister of Finance introduced the draft budget for the next fiscal year of 1397 (March 2018 to March 2019) to the Wolesi Jirga
There still are 2,000-3,000 ISIS fighters in Afghanistan – Afghan acting defense minister
U.S. airstrikes killed 44 drug traffickers in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province on Tuesday night
80,000 under-5 children in Afghanistan die every year from preventable and curable diseases, Afghan officials say
Explosion in Ghazanfar Square Of Mazar i Sharif. Afghanistan
State Dept Spox: Tillerson determined on technical basis Iraq, Afghanistan and Myanmar don't use child soldiers. (They do.)
Kunduz: Six employees of Kunduz’s agriculture, irrigation and livestock department have been accused of corruption. Three have been arrested but the whereabouts of the other three is unknown, officials said
US military releases new video showing a @USMC operated High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) firing on a Taliban-linked opium facility
Trump’s Tillerson accused of violating U.S. law after his decision to exclude Iraq, Myanmar and Afghanistan from a U.S. list of offenders in the use of child soldiers.
Over the past 24 hours, KC-10 refueling aircraft enabled @usairforce and Afghan forces to conduct the first series of air strikes against Taliban drug labs. #NewOffensive B52s F22s, F16s, tankers, A29s
Only political settlement can bring peace in Afghanistan: Pakistan
A once US$5 billion annual Afghan-Pakistan trade has dropped to $1.1 billion, Afghan Chambers of Commerce says
Taliban are destroying a school in one of the villages in Logar; Taliban are created and still being nurtured by their backers to blow up schools, bridges, torch villages, plant IEDs and terrorize people
The scene from Sunday when a B-52 hit an opium-processing facility in Afghanistan. Taliban was cooking 50 barrels of drugs when this occurred, US general says
"For the first time, U.S. Air Force F22A Raptors operated in Afghanistan, principally because of their ability to mitigate civilian casualties and inadvertent damage by employing small diameter bombs during U.S. airstrikes."
An Afghan delegation is expected to hold talks with Taliban commanders in the next few days
"War is a contest of wills" per @ResoluteSupport Commander Gen John Nicholson "From 2011 to 2016 we telegraphed to the enemy that we were leavingdrew down our forces steadily. I'd say too far and too fast"
Pentagon: New counter-narcotics plan in Afghanistan involves B-52 bombers to attack Taliban revenue
Afghan CEO Abdullah tells UN General Assembly that govt is committed to bringing reforms to electoral process and to holding parliamentary elections next year and presidential elections in 2019
Addressing the UN General Assembly Afghan CEO Abdullah said efforts in improving rule of law continues and that tackling the drug problem in the country needs a more focused approach
Afghan CEO Abdullah also mentioned the successful RECCA summit last week and discussed the 3 major developments in the region affecting Afghanistan including Lapis Lazuli Corridor, CASA-1000 and TAPI projects. Says these mega projects hold the answer to propelling the country to prosperity
Afghan CEO Abdullah says fostering good relations with neighboring countries, especially Pakistan; says Afghanistan has taken concrete steps to implement reform agenda and domestic revenue has increased. Steady progress also being made in domestic infrastructure projects, he says
Taliban overran an Afghan military outpost in Shorabak, Kandahar. Al Qaeda operated two training camps there up until Oct. 2015
Afghan CEO Abdullah tells UN General Assembly that the resolution adopted reaffirms the international community's support to Afghanistan
Afghan CEO Abdullah says national security forces have successfully thwarted a number of attacks by terror groups to capture major towns and cities
Abdullah says at the UN General Assembly that Afghanistan has regained its status as a responsible member of the international community
Afghan Chief Executive Officer Abdullah addresses the UN General Assembly's session on the situation in Afghanistan, which adopted its annual resolution on Afghanistan which will help work towards a peaceful environment
Commander of US troops in Afghanistan, Gen. Nicholson, says a US F-22 and Afghan A-29s also participated in airstrikes
Resolute Support commander General Nicholson says strikes against drug operations will continue as Taliban controls the sector. He says this will not only involve military operations but will also include law enforcement and that this has been planned for some time