Map. History of Afghanistan conflict

28 July 2017
Heavy clashes ongoing in Taywara district of Ghor after commandos dropped off by helicopter in center of district, officials said.
Asked what happens to transgender members of the military currently serving in Afghanistan, the White House cannot answer.
Taliban attack Badakhshan's Tagab district in southwest of Faizabad City at around 6pm. Three civilians killed, 4 injured: Source
At least 26 Afghan army troops killed when Afghan Taliban units from Helmand attacked Khakrez district in Northern Kandahar. Afghanistan
At least 26 Afghan soldiers killed and 13 wounded in a Taliban attack on a military base, defence ministry says
Afghanistan: More than 100 killed in fierce battle as Taliban attack Afghan army camp in Kandahar
Kabul: NDS discovered a truck loaded with 2,500kg of explosives, thwarting what could have been a massive attack
Taliban killed at least 30 Afghan soldiers after storming a base in Khakrez district of Kandahar province, clashes lasted for hours
Several Afghan soldiers feared killed, many others injured after Taliban storms army outpost in Kandahar Province, says Xinhua
Delhi: NDRF officials to meet Home Minister Rajnath Singh at his residence over flood situation in parts of the country
Fighting in Markaz-i-Baghlan continues with ANDSF loosing more armored vehicles. Roads are held by ANDSF and surroundings by Insurgents.
Bismillah Watandost reports that CIA is running a secret prison in Panjshir, where locals say prisoners are being interrogated and tortured.
Afghan forces retreated from Paktia's Janikheil district center: MoD spokesman
President Ghani appoints former Laghman governor Fazlullah Mujadadi as governor of northern Takhar province
President Ghani nominates Deputy Interior Minister Hamid Tahmasi as Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation
President Ghani nominates former Nangarhar governor Gul Agha Shirzai as Minister for Borders and Tribal Affairs
President Ashraf Ghani appoints NDS deputy @MatinBek as the head of Independent Director of Local Governance (IDLG)
Yesterday IS Khorasan claimed to had repelled US/ANA offensive in Bala, Nanghahar leaving over 6 soldiers dead.
US cannot win war in Afghanistan without Pakistan: US General
Hekmatyar said the only way to bring peace to Afghanistan was for the nation to take action and for all tribal elders to prevent war
Hekmatyar: Today 30,000 Afghans are fighting in Iraq and Syria for little money
Hekmatyar: Outsiders want the war to continue in Afghanistan and this war is not beneficial to Afghans
Hekmatyar: Outsiders want that the war continues in Afghanistan and this war is not benefits or Afghans
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, leader of the Hezb-e Islami party's press conference
28 Talibans killed in airstrike on Faryab’s Kohistan district
Videos obtained by CNN suggest the Russian government may be arming the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Taliban insurgents have taken control of center of Janekhil district of Paktia after heavy clashes: sources
Iran helped Taliban take Taywara district: Afghan official
Afghanistan: Taliban fighters attacked police and captured 2 districts of Taywara and Kohistan
Kabul terror attack: Indian MEA condemns incident, says perpetrators should be brought to justice