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18 Август 2018

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Belgium increases the number of soldiers deployed in the NATO Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan
9 месяц назад
Hekmatyar rejects the reports that quoted him saying that the war in Afghanistan is an "ethnic war". He says he referred to a conflict between two ethnic groups in Ghor province - in west of Afghanistan
9 месяц назад
Hizb-e-Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar at the Hizb-e-Islami council meeting in Kabul asks his supporters to get ready for the upcoming elections. He says election is the 'best' way to achieve peace
9 месяц назад
Border Police Commander Zahirgul Muqbil says the explosion, in Lashkargah City, left one police force member dead and five others wounded
9 месяц назад
Provincial governor's spokesman Omar Zwak says the blast was as a result of car bombing close a police outpost in Lashkargah City. Casualties feared, he said
9 месяц назад
A heavy explosion reported in Bolan area in Lashkargah City, Helmand province
Генеральный секретарь НАТО Йенс Столтенберг открыл заседание по глобальной борьбе против Дайш, заявил, что несмотря на то, что Даеш теряют территории, они могут активизировать нападения по всему миру
US ambassador to Pakistan calls on Pakistan Chief of Army Staff Bajwa to discuss Afghan security
US Defence Secretary Mattis says "two dozen" NATO and partner nations have pledged to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan along with US troop boost
NATO chief @jensstoltenberg says it is not possible yet to give a final count on the new troop levels in Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a mixed picture NATO chief says, on one hand the country is very volatile but there are signs the country is going in right direction, especially regarding security by troops and their ability to prevent Taliban from taking control of provincial capitals
Генеральный секретарь НАТО Йенс Столтенберг: Катар и ОАЭ хотят внести свой вклад в операцию «Решительная поддержка», их присутствие - мощный символ глобальной поддержки Афганистана
Йенс Столтенберг заявил, что НАТО привержен поиску политического решения проблемы мира в Афганистане. Правительство ОАЭ и Катара хотят внести свой вклад в операцию «Решительная поддержка»
Afghanistan gov’s intention: make key reforms for good governance, the rule of law, fighting corruption and protect people’s rights - @jensstoltenberg
In addition to USA, other NATO Allies and partners will continue to provide $1 bn/year to the Afghan defence and security forces until at least 2020 - @jensstoltenberg
Stoltenberg says Afghanistan still facing many challenges. Says NATO remains committed to supporting forces. 27 nations have committed to increasing troop numbers
9 месяц назад
Afghan Attorney General's Office spokesman also said they have increased the number of women employeed by the institution from 3% to 7% including 10 in management positions
9 месяц назад
Spokesman for Afghan Attorney General's Office says they have implemented some reforms in the office, which include salary increases for prosecutors, measures to fight corruption, strict working hours and close focus is now being paid to open cases
Sepoy killed, 5 militants killed in exchange of fire on Pak-Afghan border: ISPR
NATO DefMin continues with meeting of North Atlantic Council and @ResoluteSupport partners. Alliance maintains a strong commitment to future of Afghanistan
Today we will review progress and discuss what more needs to be done to enhance Afghan capabilities in the fight against terrorism - @jensstoltenberg
General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg says ahead of defense minister's meeting that today they will discuss what more needs to be done in Afghanistan
Afghanistan’s forces demonstrate bravery every day. NATO’s @ResoluteSupport train, advise and assist mission is making a difference - @jensstoltenberg
Kunduz:Portest against killing of civilian in Chardara,people carrying phtos of civilan killed in last week’s airstrikes, demanding justice9 месяц назад
Kunduz:Portest against killing of civilian in Chardara,people carrying phtos of civilan killed in last week’s airstrikes, demanding justice
9 месяц назад
One dead in explosion in Mazar-e-Sharif City
9 месяц назад
China and the US agreed to strengthen communication and coordination on issues including the Korean Peninsula and Afghanistan, Chinese President Xi said Thursday
9 месяц назад
Кабул решительно осуждает неудачный ракетный удар по Саудовской Аравии
9 месяц назад
Stoltenberg says NATO is underlining the importance of political reforms and fighting of corruption and elections are important. He said elections need to be held and NATO is supporting Afghanistan by training Afghan security forces so they can ensure secure elections are held
Stoltenberg says Taliban is failing to reach its goals in the country which is to take control of provincial capitals
"We are going to stay in Afghanistan" so Afghans can fight Taliban better themselves, says @jensstoltenberg, asserting recent high-profile attacks are due to Taliban weakness
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