Map. History of Afghanistan conflict

20 July 2017
Sanders passes back on Afghanistan: "The pres has empowered Sec. Mattis to make decisions on that front and I'd refer you to the Pentagon."
President Trump meeting at Pentagon was 'global look around the world,' many topics covered (e.g. Afghanistan, North Korea, ISIS) says spox
Asked after the Pentagon meeting whether any decisions had been made on Afghanistan, President Trump said, "You'll be hearing."
.@IvankaTrump posing for photos with the Afghan girls robotics team outside the West Wing
Asked Trump if he was sending more troops to Afghanistan: "We'll see. We're doing very well against ISIS. ISIS is falling fast, very fast."
At the Pentagon, President Trump says "we'll see" about sending more troops to Afghanistan, and ISIS is "falling fast."
10 Afghan soldiers, 6 policemen were killed in a Taliban attack on a military outpost in Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar last night.
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - Hindu Kush region, Afghanistan
At least 9 policemen killed and 7 wounded in a clash with Taliban in Zabul province: local security officials confirm
IS Khorasan informs about assasination of 5 Hazaras (Shia) near Karachi in Pakistan. Pakistan
.@ResoluteSupport Capt. Salvin: A Taliban claim that they killed 4 U.S. Soldiers in Kunduz is false
Taliban attack Baghlan-e-Markazi district
Rebels cut-off main road to Lashkargah and trying to encircle ANDSF inside Nawa, Helmand heavy clashes, Jets in the skies
Afghan official: Doha is now home to ~100 Taliban officials and their relatives, who live there at Qatar's expense
Pentagon on ISIS-K: "Their leadership is being killed off at a rate that they can barely keep up with successions"
Afghanistan Jalalabad - Afghan forces foil terrorist attack plot by IS in Jalalabad city
Task Force Southwest: Afghan troops, backed by airstrikes from US F-16s and Apaches, retook Helmand's Nawa district center from the Taliban
Taliban Claims Attack On Security Position In Chawni Area Of Gardez, Killing 6 and Destroying 2 APCs
3 MoD generals and 5 colonels arrested by ACJC on charges of embezzlement of over $1 million and misuse of authority in Kabul: AGO source
Record number of Afghan civilians killed since January: UN
Helmand: Officials confirm 10 Taliban fighters killed in airstrike last night in Nawa district
Helmand: Local officials confirm security forces have captured Nawa district, which fell to Taliban 9 months ago
Balkh governor Atta Noor says Rebels fought against oppression and occupation but have been patient for over 15 years
Balkh governor Atta Noor says political justice is necessary, people fought Jihad to protect their rights and dignity
Afghan child soldier of IRGC's Fatemiyoun brigade Gholamhossein Rahimi killed in Syria, was buried 13th July in the city of Delijan, Iran.
Dozens of girls took part in a cycling race in Bamiyan on Sunday
IS Khorasan informs about clashes with Taliban near Darzab in Jowzjan. Allegedly 2 IEA militants have been killed. Afghanistan
ISIS Leader in Afghanistan Is Killed by Drone, Pentagon Says
USFOR-A killed the leader of ISIS-K, Abu Sayed, on July 11th
Pentagon annouces the new ISIL leader in Afghanistan killed.