Gen. Nicholson: Our main goals are destruction of AQ and ISK and working with Pakistan to eliminate Haqqani and Taliban sanctuaries in Pakistan

Afghanistan IS-K Qari Munib killed in a counterterrorism airstrike during op, Resolute Support spoxman Navy Capt. Bill Salvin tells VOA Russia worried US/coalition in Afghanistan "affects their ability to influence central Asia states to the north" per Gen. Nicholson Asked by @SenBillNelson if Russia indirectly support alQaida, @ResoluteSupport's Gen Nicholson says "Yes sir" Russia supposed to host Afghan peace talks with Afghan Govt reps next week in Moscow. Gen. Nicholson says he suspects Russia's intentions in Afghanistan are to undermine the United States and NATO. Sen. King just asked Nicholson why U.S. airpower doesn't "take out" Afghan poppy fields. Gen. Nicholson says a U.S. special forces soldier was severely wounded today in Sangin, Helmand province. Gen. Nicholson at the US Senate: "The Taliban can not stand up to the AFG Special Forces, we will increase our support to these forces"Gen Nicholson: "We have a reliable partner in AFG achieving on common goals"Gen. Nicholson: With Afghan President Ghani we are working on an “ANDSF Roadmap” for the way ahead - population and gov't want us hereGen. Nicholson: The ongoing biometric enrollment of Afghan soldiers will promote accuracy of pay systems and fight corruptionNATO has shortfall of troops in Afghanistan: US general "Very concerned" about losses being suffered by Afghan forces, Gen Nicholson says, keeping Afghan forces below full authorized strength Gen. Nicholson: Our objective is to destroy Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Afghans are now doing most of the fightingNATO has shortfall of troops in Afghanistan: US general"I believe we're in a stalemate" @ResoluteSupport Cmdr Gen John Nicholson tells Senate Armed Services Committee re Afghanistan Taliban Gen. Nicholson: The complex U.S. relationship with Pakistan should receive a "holistic review." Lots of critical talk about PakistanGen. Nicholson: Increased Afghan air power will bring offensive capability that will break the stalemate in AfghanistanGen. Nicholson: Key offensive stability of the Afghan forces can break the stalemate in Afghanistan Gen. N: We have an exceptional partnership with President Ghani, Chief Executive Abdullah, the security forces and people of AfghanistanGen. N: Pres Ghani is making bold reforms and implementing anti-corruption measures to professionalize & improve the AFG security forcesNicholson: The Government of Afghanistan is committed to achieving peace through reconciliationNicholson: The Afghan people have confidence in their security services and they do not want the Taliban to returNicholson: At the Warsaw Summit last July, @NATO reaffirmed its commitment to sustain the ANDSF for four more years through 2020Nicholson: The 17,000-strong AFG Special Forces are the best in the region. They operate independently on roughly 80% of their missionsGeh. Nicholson, Commander of Resolute Support: I would like to start by honoring the sacrifices of the menand women who served in Afghanistan and to those deployed there Nicholson: I want to acknowledge the brave men and women of the ANDSF and the people of AFG fighting for a secure and stable countryMcCain: Numerous terrorist groups operate in Pakistan and attack US soldiers in neighboring AfghanistanJohn McCain: Taliban, Al-Qaeda operatives still active, Taliban want to gain grounds in Afghanistan, Afghans are in the fightThe International Red Cross and Red Crescent has partially suspended work in Afghanistan after six of its staff were shot dead.

Map. History of Afghanistan conflict

28 March 2017